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in a responsible manner

Sustainability to us

Nordkalk aims to be a long-term profitable business in a responsible manner in balance with our stakeholders and society at large. We continuously improve our operations, products and processes, while taking the social, economic and environmental aspects of our operations into consideration. Natural resources such as stone, water and energy are used in our production and inevitably affect the environment. We endeavour to limit the negative impacts of our activities by using the best available methods and techniques and by applying the precautionary principle regarding people and the environment.

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Sustainability is at the very core of Nordkalk’s strategy, which was launched in the beginning of 2020. Our vision is to become the leading limestone player focused on sustainable solutions.

In practice, this means that we undertake to do the following:
1) actively develop new products and solutions that support our customers in their sustainability efforts, i.e. focus on limestone-based solutions that help our customers reduce their environmental impact,
2) increase our engagement in circular solutions and strive for total utilisation of all extracted material with a 100% material efficiency target,
3) focus on reducing our carbon emissions and the other harmful impacts of our operations.

Our mission is to deliver limestone-based solutions that contribute to agricultural productivity as well as clean water, air and soil. This positive environmental impact can also be referred to as our environmental handprint, which we aim to increase in the coming years.

We want to minimise the harmful impacts of our own operations, i.e. our environmental footprint.The most significant impacts of our operations are emissions caused by processing limestone to quicklime and hydrated lime products as well as the extraction of minerals from the ground.

Our future success lies in the continuing commitment of our people – we want to take good care of our personnel and make sure that they can do their work safely every day. Safety is our first priority and our ultimate target is zero accidents.

We want to be a good neighbour in the local communities where we operate to ensure social acceptance for our operations.

To ensure the profitable growth of our business, we need to secure limestone reserves for the future and continue with the operational excellence programme.

Our sustainability programme

Our sustainability work is guided by the Sustainability Programme, focusing on the impacts of our operations and based on company strategy and stakeholder expectations from environmental, social and economic perspectives.

Our Sustainability Programme is structured into nine focus areas consisting of 18 material aspects. Each area contains dedicated management commitments, long-term goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).  

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Our long-term horizon on corporate sustainability is in correspondence with UN Sustainable Development Goals (2030). 

Managing sustainability

The Management Team makes all significant decisions regarding sustainability at Nordkalk. It also approves the Sustainability Programme. Each sustainability focus area has a dedicated supervisor in the Management Team.

The Management team monitors the progress of the Sustainability Programme quarterly and updates the targets, if necessary. The Board of Directors reviews the progress of Nordkalk’s sustainability yearly.

Implementing the Sustainability Programme is part of the daily management of our business operations.

A sustainability team, consisting of experts responsible for each sustainability focus area, has been formed to facilitate sustainability development and to support the Management team in implementing the Sustainability Programme.

The Corporate risk management process includes the most important sustainability related risks, regarding the environment, social conditions, personnel, respect for human rights, business ethics and corruption. The certified Management System is responsible for environmental and health and safety risk evaluations. Nordkalk Operating Policy lists the guiding principles of the Management system.

Sustainability reporting at Nordkalk

Nordkalk's Sustainability Report 2020 has been prepared in accordance with the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Standards and assured by an independent third party.

Nordkalk’s sustainability team is responsible for annual sustainability reporting. The Management Team reviews the Sustainability Report and ensures that all the material aspects are covered. The Board of Directors approves the Sustainability Report.

Nordkalk Sustainability Report 2020

A printed version of the Sustainability Report can be ordered by sending e-mail to info (at)

Nordkalk’s Code of Conduct applies to everyone at Nordkalk and describes the ethical principles that underpin how we conduct our business. Regarding ethics in Nordkalk’s supply chain, Nordkalk expects its suppliers to commit to follow the Supplier Code of Conduct in order to assure that suppliers also adhere to a high level of business ethics. Both codes are available to download here.

BROCHURE Code of Conduct
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Nordkalk Supplier Code of Conduct 2020
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Leader in Northern Europe

Nordkalk is the leading limestone company in Northern Europe. We deliver essential raw materials to numerous industries, and our solutions contribute to clean air and water as well as productivity of agricultural land.