Nordkalk Enrich C

Cost savings by substituting titanium dioxide

Nordkalk Enrich in paint and coatings

Nordkalk Enrich is ultrafine precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) product created to replace titanium dioxide and binder in paints and coatings.

Paints & Coatings

Nordkalk Enrich C has been engineered to meet the increasing consumption of waterborne coatings. In this respect, Nordkalk Enrich C, as a TiO2 extender, is perfectly suited to various interior and exterior paints, in addition to varnishes, floor paints and other products at varying levels of pigment volume concentration (PVC). Even in a matt paint with high PVC, ultrafine Enrich particles can replace the quantity of TiO2 up to 10–25%. Further optimisation of the formulation enables binder substitutions between 10–20%, resulting in further filling of the paint.

With its clear edge over the pigment extenders on the market, Enrich is composed of homogenous ultrafine (d50 ~130 nm) particles. The customised ultrafine particles are smaller than titanium dioxide, relieving pigment particles from agglomeration. Enrich particles tend to be carried into the voids in the paint mixture, creating a more efficient TiO2 spacing effect. In addition, the particles fill the paint surface, which intensifies its light reflection, achieving a distinct gloss improvement.

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Juuso Hakala
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Nordkalk Enrich
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