Good place to work

Engaged and motivated personnel is a key to deliver profitable growth. Nordkalk is committed to be a very good and safe place to work at. Well-being activities, development discussions, work/leisure balance are some tools and the satisfaction is measured on a yearly basis.

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Actions to harmonise and improve the ways of working across countries continued in 2018 under the One Nordkalk umbrella. A personnel survey was conducted in March, showing a satisfactory rating like the year before. As follow-up, personnel teams have implemented 113 improvement actions. One of the themes in 2018 was increased internal communications, which was facilitated by the launch of a new intranet at the beginning of the year.  

Labour practice

Nordkalk has a total of approximately 1 000 employees, of whom 81% are male and 19% are female, while 65.4% are blue collar jobs and 34.6% white collar jobs. Out of the employees, 98.6% work full time, and the rest 1.4% work part time. Nordkalk complies with international labour standards and 60% of employees are covered by collective agreements.

A visible change on the job market has been seen in Poland. The unemployment rate is still dropping: Poland has an unemployment rate of 2.9% and Germany 3.2%. All industries have noticed high salary increases and due to economic growth more than 60% of employers have difficulties finding employees. This situation impacted a higher fluctuation in Nordkalk Poland – 9.8%. Some locations in Sweden also struggle to find blue-collar employees. 

Employees per country 2018


Personnel per gender 2018



Employee turnover 2016-18

Employee's competences

All white-collar positions at Nordkalk (in Finland only upper-level white-collar workers) are evaluated using the IPE methodology (International Position Evaluation provided by Mercer). One of the Management Team’s actions after the previous personnel survey was to introduce the IPE methodology to make an equal and transparent incentive system.                                                                       

The change of method will bring many benefits: in general, incentive maximum levels will increase for many positions. Even though this means additional costs for the company, greater employee motivation is a priority.

Personnel survey

The 2018 personnel survey resulted in a Satisfactory level like the previous year, although we were aiming for Satisfactory+.  Many units had a better result in 2018 compared to the previous year, but some teams have experienced challenges. Since the last survey, efforts have been made to support the departments with the weakest results by paying more attention to problem solving and allocating both internal and external resources.

Many improvement actions were implemented in the areas of communication, well-being activities and personnel development. We have conducted meetings for our managers that have provided training and presentations on positive and open communication.

Well-being at work

All Nordkalk plants are now smoke free. We have launched a number of programs promoting healthy lifestyle that include physical activity and cultural events.

2018 saw the launch of the Active Life coaching programme in Finland. The programme applies the most up-to-date knowledge and understanding to human health and well-being. Participants meet with fitness experts and personal trainers for a personal coaching programme that lasts six months.

New personnel facilities in Turkey

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Nordkalk has operated in Turkey since August 2017. Nordkalk follows the same operating principles and instructions in all of its countries of operations.

A good and safe workplace is one of our strategic focus areas. During 2018, the working environment at the Eskibalikli quarry site was greatly improved. A new limestone crushing line was brought on stream in November, which means new and safer machines to work with.

Along with the investment in production, improvements were also made to the office and social facilities. A dining area, TV room and dormitories with twin rooms have been warmly welcomed by employees. A dozen of them stay at the site for longer periods because their homes are far away.

The company’s safety standards and culture developed in many ways in 2018. Personal protective equipment has been upgraded, walk ways separated, and reporting of near misses and accidents implemented using the common Nordkalk tool.


  • To being a very good place to
    work at, with engaged personnel.
  • To developing the well-being
    and competence of our personnel.
  • To encouraging open communication.
  • To establishing a good leader-
    ship culture, taking diversity
    into account.
  • To following-up personnel satisfaction on a yearly basis.

Leader in Northern Europe

Nordkalk is the leading limestone company in Northern Europe. We deliver essential raw materials to numerous industries, and our solutions contribute to clean air and water as well as productivity of agricultural land.