Ultrafine PCC with unique dispersibility

Ultrafine PCC with unique dispersibility Nordkalk Enrich P

Nordkalk Enrich is surface treated ultrafine precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) product with unique dispersibility properties for plastic and rubber applications. The multi-functional product innovation of Nordkalk Enrich has increasingly generated greater attention across the market, creating value in various fields of application in plastics, paints & coatings, adhesives, paper, inks and building materials.

Superior technical performance with higher filler content


Nordkalk Enrich P particles disperse uniformly into matrix creating smooth surface leading high-level gloss. Enrich P enables cost effective solution by higher amount of filling while maintaining the gloss, optical and mechanical performance.

Mechanical properties

Thanks to its superior product features, Nordkalk Enrich P does not endanger the functionality or technical performance of the application. Nordkalk Enrich P demonstrably gives rise to new development opportunities and enhances technical performance such as abrasion resistance, fire retardation and adhesion.

Sustainable solution

As a pure, limestone-based product, Nordkalk Enrich P is an environmentally friendly choice for coping with more stringent environmental objectives and advancing sustainable development, such as carbon footprint reduction.

Nordkalk Enrich P advantages

Particle size in application 

The customized ultrafine particles (d50% 50nm) disperse homogeneously into plastic matrix enabling high gloss level and good mechanical performance. Filler content can be higher than with conventional fillers, which offers cost reduction.

Enrich particles cover plastic surface uniformly, which intensifies its light reflection, achieving a distinct gloss improvement. Higher gloss and filler content are possible thanks to better dispersibility of Enrich particles compared to other ultrafine calcium carbonate fillers.

Enrich SEM comparison Nordkalk

SEM images of PVC surface comparison 
A) Well dispersed Enrich P particles
B) Agglomerated conventional ultrafine PCC particles

 Technical specifications  Unit  Enrich P
 Moisture <1 
 Bulk density g/cm3   0.75
Appearance (25°C)     white powder
 Oil absorption  ml/100g  70
 Granule size d50%  µm  25
 Average particle size nm   50

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