Absorbent service

Reducing sulphur emissions

Absorbent service -Lime is the key

Nordkalk, the leading producer of high quality limestone-based products in Northern Europe, and Envairtec GmbH, a specialist in environmental technologies for shipping, together offer a reliable solution for the cleaning of flue gases of vessels. The dry scrubbing method developed for vessels uses the unique ability of hydrated lime to absorb the sulphur compounds in the flue gases. The hydrated lime is in the form of granules to minimize dusting and make the handling of the absorbent easier.

Reducing sulphur emissions from shipping

Many ship owners are presently evaluating options to comply with the sulphur directive, due to which the highest permitted sulphur content of fuel used by vessels sailing on the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and in the English Channel will be 0,1%. To meet the new regulations, the main alternatives for shipping companies to choose from are:

  • Switch to more expensive low-sulphur fuel (<0,1% sulphur)
  • Invest in vessels that use future fuels (e.g.LNG)
  • Install scrubbers on the vessels 

Installing a Sulphur dioxide scrubber in a vessel is cost-effective, because it allows the vessel to continue using cheaper fuel with a higher sulphur content.

There are currently two scrubber solutions available: dry and wet. An efficient and sustainable option is to remove the sulphur with a dry scrubber using a hydrated lime absorbent. The dry scrubber’s strength is that the method does not cause sulphur emissions into air or sea, and the resulting end product can be recycled.

Reliable absorbent service in the Baltic Sea region

The innovative turnkey absorbent supply service includes everything from production and delivery of absorbent as well as recovery of the used absorbent. Absorbent deliveries to and from vessels are carried out by silo trucks or in special containers.

Nordkalk secures the availability of hydrated lime granules for the shipping industry in the Baltic and North Sea area.

The used absorbent, containing mainly gypsum and calcium carbonate, is collected directly after the ship is reloaded with fresh absorbent. The material can be recycled, with several identified reuse areas such as the cement industry, agro technology and different earth works. The goal is 100% recycling. 

Leader in Northern Europe

Nordkalk is the leading limestone company in Northern Europe. We deliver essential raw materials to numerous industries, and our solutions contribute to clean air and water as well as productivity of agricultural land.