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Nordkalk renovated a well in Zajączków

Dominik Budny (dominik.budny a, 10 December 2020

From mid-October, the inhabitants of Zajączków, Poland, can use the renovated well, which supports local residents in accessing to drinking water. The project was implemented by Nordkalk after it was submitted as part of the Social Dialogue Session.

Work began in the summer. Firstly we coordinated appropriate permits and formal design issues which are necessaire to start renovation of well. The epidemiological situation did not make it any easier - says Bartłomiej Nowak, Director of the Miedzianka Plant at Nordkalk Poland. - Fortunately, the renovation was completed in mid-October and the well was handed over to the residents - he adds.

​The new well is one of the projects implemented by Nordkalk in cooperation with local governments and representatives of the inhabitants of villages whcich are close to the Plant. The idea of renovation was put forward by the councilor of the Piekoszów Commune from the village of Zajączków, Julian Walas.

Whole project is a part of Social Dialogue which was announced at the end of 2019. Nordkalk invited local representatives to join to the meetings called dialog sessions and it is designed to develop local initiatives in which Nordkalk will participate, start reciprocal communication between company and inhabitants, better understanding different perspectives and finding solutions to sensitive issues.

Sessions are conducted twice a year in accordance with a pre-defined, closed order. The first social dialogue session was designed to present the rules of dialogue and listen to the community's concerns. Subsequent sessions will concern the entire spectrum of dialogue. During the meeting local representatives elect Dialogue Council which is responsible for choosing projects qualified to realization and for coordinating the work.


Conditions that have to be met in order for Nordkalk to be involved in a local initiative:

  • It has to be important to the particular community, and there has to be a demonstrated public interest in its implementation
  • It needs to have long-term benefits for the community
  • It cannot be aimed at profit-making
  • It should concern at least one of the CSR areas of Nordkalk (sports, education, infrastructure, environmental protection, culture, social inclusion
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Before and after construction.

The current Dialogue Council was established on January 22, 2020 during the First Session of Social Dialogue. The Council is composed of 3 representatives proposed by the representatives of the villages - Zdzisław Kopacz, Julian Walas and Jolanta Koczywąs, and 3 representatives of Nordkalk.

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