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We invited, you came to EMD – thank you!

Tiina Roine (info a, 4 October 2019

The European Minerals Day (EMD) event opened the doors to dozens of mines and quarries around Europe in the end of September like it has done since 2007.

OpenDay Miedzianka 1 550

Neighbours as well as everybody interested in the world of minerals and quarries were invited also to Nordkalk. This time the operations in Miedzianka Poland and in Rakke and Karinu Estonia had organized a day of activities and a rear opportunity to enter the gates of our quarries.

Family day in Poland

In Poland, many families, including our own employees from the other Nordkalk locations in Poland, took the opportunity to spend a day learning about limestone and the way it is excavated and processed by Nordkalk. Our guides, Mateusz Turek, Mining Specialist and Zdzisław Kamiński, Mining Manager, answered hundreds of questions, also about Nordkalk’s restoration plans for the area in the future and for creating a water reservoir for recreational purposes.

After the quarry tour, Nordkalk’s guests were invited to the nearby Mining Museum in Miedzianka to see an exhibition about the history of mining in the region. Many exhibits in the Museum, for example miners’ uniforms, tools, fossils and beer mugs – which are traditional gifts for annual miners’ party called Barbórka – have been donated to the Museum by Nordkalk and its employees.

Meanwhile in Estonia

In Estonia, the day’s programme included e.g. a bus tour from Nordkalk’s Rakke plant to the Karinu quarry.

On the bus, Nordkalk’s Toomas Post, Process Manager, explained the geological time scale in Estonia and which minerals can be extracted in the country, so our guests received a bulk of information about minerals and the Estonian geology by the time the bus returned back to Rakke, where Managing Director Andres Rammul opened up the history of lime producing in the Rakke area and the significance of it for the local community. Sales Manager Maikel Jätsa introduced the products we make in Rakke and explained where the products are used in the society. After all the talk, it was time to stretch one’s legs and off we went on a plant tour by foot.

During the day, about 45 people visited Nordkalk Estonia. We had invited the local parishes, authorities, local politicians, the TalTech University’s Mining department together with other stakeholder groups such as our subcontractors, suppliers and customers to come and see what we do and learn to know each other better.

Slogan 600

We at Nordkalk think that the open day events were successes in both Poland and Estonia and hope that all our guests agree. Until next time at the European Minerals Day!

Ewa Ślusarczyk, Poland and Svetlana Moks, Estonia

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