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Minerals – our world is made of them

Tiina Roine (info a, 20 September 2019

European Minerals Day this weekend around Europe

Dozens of mineral producers around Europe will open their doors this weekend from 20 to 22 September as the European Minerals Day, EMD takes place ready to familiarise all who are interested with the world of minerals and minerals extraction. EMD is organised every two years.

Two years ago, in 2017, Nordkalk was the host as the event’s 10th Anniversary was officially inaugurated at the European Launch taking place in Estonia. In 2017, EMD welcomed 42.500 visitors at 150 events in 25 countries.

EMD liput Ida EMD yleisö Ida EMD Räjäytys Ida

The 10th edition of EMD was inaugurated in Rakke, Estonia.

Minerals are a part of our everyday life

It is the seventh time this weekend that people interested in minerals get to visit companies that often are located next door. At least 30 million jobs in the EU depends upon minerals. It may come as a surprise to many how largely the products of the neighbouring quarry are present in one’s everyday life and what a wide range of uses e.g. limestone-based products have from cars to asphalt, from coffee cups to newspapers.  

Nordkalk opens doors in Estonia and Poland

This year’s edition of EMD will open Nordkalk’s doors at Rakke and Karinu plants in Estonia and at Miedzianka plant in Poland. In Miedzianka, one is invited to participate in quarry tours and visit a mining museum. In Estonia, Nordkalk has invited representatives from local parishes, universities, schools, cooperation partners and customers to come to learn more about Nordkalk’s activities and products on quarry and plant tours.

Puola kaivos some

Miedzianka quarry in Poland.

In Finland, there will not be an EMD event this time, but one is most welcome to visit the Tytyri Mine Experience in Lohja, Finland all year round to experience first hand how it feels like to work deep underground. Tytyri Mine Experience organises guided tours down under every Saturday at 2 pm and tours especially for families every Sunday at 11am from 1 September to 29 December.

Nordkalk’s open pit quarry almost in the middle of the town of Pargas in the Turku archipelago is a handsome sight but can escape one’s eye if one doesn’t know where to look. The best place for viewing the quarry is from the viewpoint at the edge of the quarry at Pajbackavägen 1. There one can admire the scene every day all year round.

Did you know that

  • A family house contains up to 150 tonnes of minerals
  • A car contains up to 250 kg of minerals
  • 50% of paint is made up of minerals
  • Paper can contain more than 50% of minerals
  • Ceramics are 100% made of minerals
  • Glass contains up to 100% minerals.


How exactly do minerals play a part in our lives? Watch a video Imagine the future with industrial minerals.

What are industrial minerals? Wathc a video: Industrial minerals 

 (Ref: IMA)

Leader in Northern Europe

Nordkalk is the leading limestone company in Northern Europe. We deliver essential raw materials to numerous industries, and our solutions contribute to clean air and water as well as productivity of agricultural land.