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Nordkalk allowed to deliver water to local municipality and continue operations in Klinthagen on Gotland, Sweden

Tiina Roine (info a, 28 May 2019

The Swedish Land and Environment Court gave on 27 May 2019 permission to Nordkalk to continue and expand operations in the current Klinthagen limestone quarry on Northern Gotland. The permit comprises a maximum of 3.5 million tonnes of limestone annually total volume being 26.8 million tonnes. The permit also includes a water ruling that allows Nordkalk to deliver some of the pit water to the local municipality’s (Region Gotland) water distribution system.

The new permit allows Nordkalk to utilise both high quality limestone and marlite. Combining the different stone qualities, the limestone reserve and the lifetime of the quarry can be prolongedThe new permit comprises the existing operations as well as four new excavation areas, two of which are inside the current quarry area and two outside it.

As there has been a water shortage on Northern Gotland in the recent years, the municipality and Nordkalk signed a letter of intent last year that part of the surplus water from the quarry would be used in the local water services. The permit comprises a maximum of 300 000 cubic meters of water to be delivered into the water distribution system annually, and the instalment of pumps and a pump station together with some other connected actions. Part of the water will still be discharged into a nearby brooke to improve the living conditions of the trout spawning there.

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