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Workshops for schoolchildren in Mining Museum in Miedzianka

Ewa Ślusarczyk-Kita (ewa.slusarczyk a, 4 April 2019

Nordkalk strives to build awareness among the youngest generation about how important is to mitigate the climate changes and how to treat nature with respect.

In the end of March Nordkalk in Miedzianka invited students from a neighboring school to the workshops conducted by the palaeontologist and traveler Błażej Błażejowski from the Paleobiology Institute of Polish Academy of Sciences. He took part in several scientific research expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic and he shared his experiences as well as knowledge on the global warming and how it affects the ice cover at the North Pole.


The children discussed their own impact on the environment, how to reduce the use of plastic and sort waste properly. During the workshops, they could also visit the exhibition opened in December 2018 “Polish paleontologists in the Arctic and Antarctic” to find out more about the nature of the poles of the earth and learn about biodiversity.

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Following the workshops, a few weeks later, the cleanup action of the Miedzianka Mountain Reserve took place. Nordkalk equipped the participants with rubber gloves and biodegradable garbage bags.

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