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Sustainable cement and quicklime production the focus of new research centre i Sweden

Tiina Roine (info a, 6 March 2019

The Centre for Sustainable Cement and Quicklime Production at Umeå University, Department of Applied Physics and Electronics in Sweden, will carry out research on sustainable cement and quicklime production. It aims at creating a platform where industry and academia can co-operate and contribute to a sustainable development of the mineral processing industry. The industrial partners are Nordkalk, Cementa AB, SMA Mineral AB and the Swedish Mineral Processing Research Association. The cost budget for the initial phase is 11.3 million Swedish crowns.

- There is a national need to strengthen research in sustainable cement and quicklime production, especially related to the high temperature processing that generate significant amounts of carbon dioxide. The centre’s five-year research plan consists of six research packages, which comprise of raw materials and fuels, optimising existing plants, and development of new technical concepts for cement and quicklime production, says Matias Eriksson, Production Development Manager at Nordkalk and director of the research centre.

The end goal
The research centre is about striving to increase sustainability by studying ways how we can cut down CO2 emissions by introducing alternative, fossil free fuels, using alternative raw materials and optimising the existing processes. And at the same time, increase material efficiency and decrease energy consumption. By developing new technical concepts to produce cement clinker and quicklime we will be approaching near zero-emission production according to Eriksson.

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