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Court of Appeal finds Nordkalk liable for lime kiln accident in 2011

Tiina Roine (info a, 24 May 2018

Court of Appeal in Övre Norrland, Sweden, has today ruled on the workplace accident that took place at Nordkalk’s former plant in Luleå on 1 November 2011. The court agrees with the District Court’s decision and finds Nordkalk liable for the accident. The company is ordered to pay three million Swedish crowns in fines. The former Unit Manager was imposed to suspended sentence and to day-fine.

- Court of Appeal upheld the ruling of the district Court on the victims being hired by Nordkalk and therefore, Nordkalk carried the work safety responsibility at the time of the accident. Nordkalk’s stand has from the beginning been that this interpretation is wrong as in reality contractor agreement applied, which plays a big role when determining liability, says Eva Feldt, Nordkalk’s Communications Manager, Scandinavia.

Nordkalk has emphasised that the liability division between the orderer of work and the contractor must be clarified as it can have long-lasting consequences. The court ruling will affect many companies, which now need to study how they will use contractors or outsource parts of their operations.

- However, it is also important for all involved parties that the liability for the accident is established. As two instances have now come to the same conclusion, Nordkalk takes the critique and its liability into account and accepts the verdict. We once again want to give our apologies for the accident and its consequences to the affected and their families, says Nordkalk’s Communications Manager Eva Feldt.

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