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Anna-Kaisa Haapajärvi (anna-kaisa.haapajarvi a, 20 April 2018

Deep down in Tytyri mine french champagne is lovingly being fermented.

The French pride themselves on their champagne which is lovingly fermented in cellars, the best of which are located deep underground in limestone caverns. The Charles Heidsieck Champagne House has decided to experiment with the Finnish Nordkalk limestone mine in Lohja to see how it lends itself to the fermentation of champagne. The first test batches have been launched in April 2018 and tests will run for the next five years.

A passing thought about fermenting champagne in Finnish limestone caverns piqued the interest of Cyril Brun from Champagne Charles Heidsieck: why not find out how northern conditions affect the second fermentation process that finalises the Charles Heidsieck standard champagnes!

On Friday 20 April 2018, the first 30 bottles of Charles Heidsieck Brut Réserve champagne will be lowered down into the depths of the Tytyri limestone mine in Lohja, Finland. The launch of the fermenting cellar was planned in cooperation with the owners of the Tytyri mine, Nordkalk. Industrial extraction of limestone has continued in Lohja since 1897.

 For the next five years, 30 bottles are transported annually from Reims to Tytyri for the second fermentation, and wines fermented at both locations will be compared each year.

Champagne requires time

Producing champagne requires longevity and patience. Champagne needs time. Charles Heidsieck knew this when he founded his eponymous champagne house in 1851. He also thought the long fermentation process was the secret to producing high-quality champagne.

He acquired eight miles of Roman limestone cellars located 30 metres underground in Reims to aid the fermentation process. Deep underground in the stable temperature of the cellars, Charles Heidsieck champagnes continue to be fermented today in optimal conditions.

The future champagne storage cellar in the Tytyri mine in Lohja is located at an impressive depth of 175 metres, but the conditions are very similar to France: the temperature remains between five and eight degrees Celsius all year round. Only time will tell how the northernmost and deepest fermentation cellar in the world treats champagne during the final steps of the fermentation process.

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Champagne Charles Heidsieck is currently one of the most respected champagne brands in the world. The champagne house was founded in 1851 and is currently owned by the Decours family who are renowned cultivators of French craftsmanship and manufacturers of luxury products. Its champagnes arrived in Finland only a few years ago, but they quickly won over Finnish wine lovers: their standard champagne Charles Heidsieck Brut Réserve won prizes in the Vuoden Viinit competition ("Wines of the Year Awards") in 2016 and Viinilehti ("Wine Magazine") selected it as Champagne of the Year.

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