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Nordkalk applies to expand quarry on Gotland and suggest a solution for the local water shortage

Tiina Roine (info a, 23 February 2018

Nordkalk has filed a permit application to the Land and Environment Court for continued and expanded operations in the current limestone quarry on Gotland. The application comprises a maximum of 3.5 million tonnes of limestone annually, total volume being 26.8 million tonnes.

The expansion area consists of high quality limestone. By mixing this with lower quality limestone, the reserve can be utilised efficiently while the life span of the quarry increases.
The application includes a water ruling. There has been a water shortage on Northern Gotland in the recent years, and now the local municipality (Region Gotland) and Nordkalk have signed a letter of intent that a part of the surplus water will be delivered to the local water distribution system. The permit application suggests that a maximum of 300 000 cubic metres of water will be delivered into the water distribution system annually. Another part of the pit water will still be discharged into a nearby brooke to improve the living conditions for the trout spawning there.

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