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Nordkalk participating in Lux Archipelago - Pargas quarry gets its own light installation

Emmi Nuppula (emmi.nuppula a, 10 November 2017

Nordkalk participates in Lux Archipelago, a light festival organised in November in Pargas, Finland. The quarry situated in the heart of the town will get its own light installation. One can see it from the viewpoint close to the school centre.

The viewpoint is a safe place to take a look over the vast quarry, and it is open to everybody. The light installation can be seen from 10 to 19 November.

It is natural for the quarry to participate in a local event with the theme “together” – the quarry and the town go back a long way. The company was founded in November 1898, after which the town has grown together with the company for over 100 years, 119 years, to be precise.

The participation in this light festival is the first step towards the company’s jubilee year, during which we will celebrate the company’s 120 years old story that started in Pargas quarry.

The lights used in the installation are low energy led lights. The installation is made by Bright Group.

Emmi Nuppula

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