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Job rotation on the Island of Gotland in Sweden

Tiina Roine (info a, 3 October 2017

When it was realised that some extra professional work force would be needed during the summer in the lab in Storugns, Nordkalk’s plant on the Swedish island Gotland, it was decided to recruit somebody within the company.

As a result, Ossi and Erja Lindstedt from the Pargas unit spent three weeks on Gotland last summer.

We hadn’t tried job rotation before. We pondered over it for a while, but when even our supervisor encouraged us to do it, we decided to give it a go. Opportunities like this don’t come up every day, say Ossi and Erja.

In Erja's opinion, it is important to see what is done elsewhere in the company. Self-confidence grows and motivation increases when you get the feeling that you can your profession. She gained valuable experience seeing how others do the job. 

Production engineer Rasmus Magnusson in Storugns acted as their go-to person. Rasmus finds it very useful to get to exchange experiences and hear what the everyday life is like and how people see different issues elsewhere in the company. Rasmus found discussions especially with Ossi very rewarding. 

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Job rotation useful for everybody
- From Storugns’ point of view, the experience went well and we are very happy as Ossi and Erja were a good support to us and we got the help we needed. I hope that everybody involved in this project have enjoyed a rewarding and inspiring job exchange, which will prove to be useful in our everyday work.

- I believe that this kind of job rotation between the company’s different locations and countries of operation is beneficial also for the company as the personnel gain more versatile skills and experience, says Rasmus.

Personnel’s interest for job rotation shows commitment to the employer
- Job rotations and other kinds of exchanges of tasks are a part of developing the personnel’s knowledge and increasing occupational wellbeing. Better understanding of larger entities while doing different tasks increases team spirit. It can be invigorating for the individual as well as for the entire work community, says HR Manager Katja Lindholm.

Tiina Roine

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