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New uses for the Pargas wall rock

Emmi Nuppula (emmi.nuppula a, 7 September 2017

In June, a barge with a cargo of 8600 tonnes of Pargas wall rock sailed to Liepaja in Latvia. From there the cargo continued to a little town called Pāvilosta at the mouth of the river Saka. The river is an important gateway into the town, but strong changes in the bottom-surface elevation creates difficulties; depending on the wind direction sand piles up and moves away creating upto 50-100 cm elevations. To avoid this, a breakwater will be built using stone from Pargas.

Three Nordkalk products are used in building the breakwater: the underwater concrete caissons have been built using 8/16 stone and they will be filled with larger 90/250 stones. The caissons will be cladded on the sides with huge 500-2500 kg chunks.

The Pargas quarry generates two kinds of wall rock, one of which is used mainly for concrete and asphalt production. The other type of stone represents lower LA class material, but it is suitable for projects like the one described above. Both stone types are standardised according to EU standards. Utilisation of wall rock increases material efficiency, which aims at 100 % usage of all extracted stone: it is sound from both financial and environmental point of view.

Next, the stone will be used in building a new ferry quay on the isle of Utö in the Turku archipelago. Sorted stone has already been delivered to Utö; later, 45000 tonnes of similar large stones that were delivered to Latvia, will also be delivered to Utö. The Latvia delivery consists of three over 8000-tonne-deliveries, two of which have already been shipped out.

More information: Erno Somervuori, Sales Manager

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