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Representing Finland in CTIF - Youth Fire Brigade

Anne Foley (info a, 2 June 2017


These girls, aged between 12 and 16, will represent Finland and Pargas in the International Youth Fire Fighters Gathering this summer. The gathering and competition takes place in Villach in Austria on 9-16 July. 

- In all countries, competitions are held to choose the three best teams to represent their country in the international competitions. Our team participated last year in the competition and placed second, explains Camilla Rautanen, activity leader in ÅBBF. That stands for Åbolands Brandkårsförbund, voluntary fire fighters’ organisation in the Swedish-speaking area of Southwestern Finland.  

The youth competition consists of two parts. In the pictures, taken at a recent practice in Pargas,   some equipment and tasks are shown: a hose is pulled over several obstacles and through a tunnel; water is sprayed through a hole in the wall to fill a dish on the other side of the wall; knots are tied. The equipment needs to be placed right, and everything must be on time of course, explains Camilla.   

The second part is a running race, with different tasks along the track. 

The girls in the photo are Vilma Sjöström (from top left), Linn Lundell, Julia Isaksson, Jennifer Jakobsson, Moa Karlsson, Sigrid Jansson (front left), Cornelia Jakobsson, Freja Jansson, Julia Lindström and Julia Karlsson.  

According to them, learning and doing things together are the most important reasons to join youth firefighters. The hobby offers new exciting experiences, challenges and new friends. 

Nordkalk supports the team’s trip to Austria and wishes them best of luck!  

Anne Foley

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