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Verdict in the Luleå accident trial

Anne Foley (info a, 1 March 2017

The Luleå District Court announced today, 1 March 2017, its verdict on the occupational accident that took place at Nordkalk's lime kiln in Luleå on 1 November 2011. Nordkalk was sentenced to pay a company fine of SEK 3 million. The former plant manager was given a suspended sentence and fined.  

- We are slightly surprised that the court considered this a case of hired labour. We feel that it was clearly shown during the trial that the case involved contractors, comments Eva Feldt, Communications Manager.

- It is important to settle the responsibilities regarding the accident, but as a matter of principle, it is also important to clarify responsibilities between the orderer and contractor for the future.  

- We will now study the verdict and criticism towards us thoroughly with our councels and discuss the way forward, concludes Eva Feldt.

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