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Nordkalk in Poland invests in noise reduction

Ewa Ślusarczyk-Kita (ewa.slusarczyk a, 11 January 2017

In 2016, Nordkalk completed two environmental investments at its largest plant in Poland - Miedzianka.

This is the continuation of actions started in 2015, when 7m high sound-absorbing barriers had been built along the traffic routes in Miedzianka plant to reduce the noise emitted by transport, trucks, trains and loaders.

In order to further decrease the noise emission, special octagonal noise reducers have been installed on the upper edge of the barriers.

road wall 4 noise reductor

The sound-absorbing barriers with octagonal noise reducers on the top

Octagonal noise reducers allow to lower the sound level by absorbing diffracted sound waves. The covering of the reducer is made from a bent perforated aluminum plate. The inner part consists of spiral pipes made from galvanized aluminum sheet. Sound-absorbing material is the mineral wool plate.
The second step was replacing the old gate to the stock yards. The gate was made of steel elements and didn’t provide enough protection against noise. Therefore Nordkalk decided to install a new gate with acoustic panels.

old gate

The old steel gate

new gate

Installation of the new gate made of acoustic panels

Nordkalk’s priority, in accordance with our strategy, is to operate in a sustainable way minimising the impact on the environment. The noise measurements carried out after finalising the construction showed significant reduction of the noise level. For the upcoming year we have many new plans for other environmental projects in line with our Continuous Improvement Process”, said Jerzy Kwiatek, Miedzianka Plant Manager.

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