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Outstanding projects contribute to exhange of best practices

Tiina Roine (info a, 14 December 2016

Nordkalk participated in the IMA-Europe 2016 Recognition Awards scheme with two projects: Apollo and Large Blue butterfly project aiming to increase the natural areas for two rare butterfly species on Gotland in Sweden and E-Series products innovation to reduce the carbon footprint of end applications in coating, adhesives and paper. Although we did not finish first this year, we got an excellent chance to present some of the work we do in terms of innovation (Nordkalk’s E-Series) and biodiversity (the butterfly project). 

Nordkalk would like to offer warm congratulations to the winners of this year’s awards: Omya International and Imerys Filtration and Performance Additives; Quarzwerke GmbH and Sibelco! 

Every two years, since 2006, IMA-Europe issues its prestigious Recognition Award. Symbolic in nature, it is a much valued token of recognition. It is considered an excellent way to promote the exchange of best practices within the sector.

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