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Nordkalk’s granulation plant inaugurated in Slawno in Poland

Anne Foley (Anne.Foley a, 19 September 2016

Good co-operation was celebrated in Slawno in Poland

Nordkalk celebrated the inauguration of its new granulation plant in Slawno in Poland on 19 September. Slawno is part of the special economic zone of Lodz. 

Construction of the granulation unit was started in September 2015, planned in co-operation with the Lodz University of Technology. Tests conducted by the University concentrated on finding the best possible granulation technic and the right binder. The plant started to operate in June 2016. 

The raw material for the granules is extracted in the local quarry at the Slawno site. The advanced granulation technology was provided by the German company Eirich. Thanks to the modern plant Nordkalk is able to produce granules both for domestic use and export. 

Up to 30 new employees will be working in Slawno by the end of the year. Their training and introduction has been supported by the employment office of Opoczno. 

IMG 9210 600px key people

Piotr Maciak, Sales Director, Nordkalk CE (left) and Marcin Heliosz, Chief Operations Officer, Nordkalk Corporation (right) thanked the key persons of the project: Robert Siuda, Agnieszka Marszalek-Gubiec, Jerzy Kwiatek and Krzysztof Rak.

The total investment is more than 25 million zlotys. Due to the innovative nature of the project, the investment was included in the special economic zone of Lodz. 

The inauguration was attended by representatives of local authorities, the special economic zone, customers, contractors and media. The good co-operation between all the parties was emphasized in many speeches during the opening ceremony.

Grand Opening Slawno

Celebration of good co-operation: (from left) Marek Michalik, CEO of Special Economic Zone of Lodz, Tadeusz Wojciechowski, Mayor of Slawno, and Piotr Maciak, Sales Director, Nordkalk CE.

“I also want to highlight our cooperation with the authorities. The successful execution of this project in Slawno has been made possible thanks to the strong support from the local authorities. The extension of economic zone to Slawno was the final push forward, which has now enabled us to stand here – in the new granulation unit”, summarised Nordkalk’s CEO Jarkko Kaplin.

Nordkalk’s owner Rettig Group was represented by Tomas von Rettig, CEO and President. Poland is an important market for Rettig: through its subsidiary Rettig ICC the Group has been present in Poland since 1992. One of the most modern radiator factories of Rettig ICC is located in Rybnik in Southern Poland. 

ribbon cutting 2

From left: Agnieszka Marszalek-Gubiec, Jarkko Kaplin, Tomas von Rettig, Marek Michalik, Piotr Maciak, Tadeusz Wojciechowski, Artur Bagienski, Robert Siuda, Marcin Heliosz, Michal Wojciak.

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