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New granulated lime fertilizer Nordkalk AtriGran from Poland

Ewa Ślusarczyk (ewa.slusarczyk a, 1 July 2016

The new granulated lime fertilizer Nordkalk AtriGran has just been launched onto Polish market. With Nordkalk AtriGran we are further developing Nordkalk’s agricultural product portfolio by offering added value towards our customer, thereby securing future growth in this segment.

Nordkalk AtriGran consists of granules made of fine ground limestone, offering farmers an efficient product that is easy to handle.

By forming fine calcium carbonate into granules - an approach being used for the first time at Nordkalk - we are now able to provide farmers with new product features to efficiently improve the condition and fertility of their soil.

Nordkalk AtriGran increases the pH of the soil (i.e. it reduces soil acidity), which helps to ensure that the crops get the nutrients they need and therefore gives a higher harvest yield. It can be stored at extreme temperatures without spoiling and can be used in a range of existing spreaders, giving precise and uniform spreading.

Everything starts with lime

The product dedicated webpage: is published now - go there to get to know our "new baby". 

Hand granulesAG

The launch of Nordkalk AtriGran is accompanied by the advertising campaign: numerous adverts will appear in agricultural press titles, on television and the Internet, including social media.

Click to watch  TV commercial spot

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