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Educational workshops at Nordkalk plant in Sławno (Poland)

Ewa Ślusarczyk (ewa.slusarczyk a, 4 July 2016

The international workshop for paleontologists took place at Nordkalk plant in Sławno on June 17th.
The theme of the workshop was the fossil record and the evolution of chemosynthetic ecosystems.

The scientists from all over the world (England, Australia, Japan, Sweden and the USA) visited the local quarry where the very unique geological site was discovered a few years ago. Now it is recognized as one of the most important geological discoveries of recent years in the whole world - completely new "window" to the world of late jurassic era, showing unknown record of the evolution of living organisms.

Slawno workshop June 10

The meeting was organized and conducted by professor Andrzej Kaim (Institute of Paleobiology of Polish Academy of Sciences) and doctor Błażej Błażejowski (Institute of Paleobiology of Polish Academy of Sciences and Association "Phacops").

Doctor Błażejowski, who is a great promoter of geology, has also organized a workshop for pupils from the neighboring village of Kunice. It was the first of series of workshops for children from schools in Sławno Municipality area.

Slawno school 2

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