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Article about lime-based absorbent and dry scrubber technology for marine emission control

Nordkalk (info a, 28 November 2015

Pan European Networks: Government, November 2015 issue 16 includes an article "Dry sulphur scrubbing" - swithing focus from sulphur relocation to recovery and reuse.

Nordkalk has developed an absorbent specially designed for efficient sulphur removal from ship engine flue gases. The company is committed to a turnkey absorbent service for dry scrubber installations in the European SECA (Sulphur Emission Control Area). The used absorbent, which mainly consists of gypsum and calcium carbonate, is recycled.

In September 2014 Nordkalk signed a turnkey absorbent service agreement with the charterer of two multipurpose vessels equipped with the dry desulphurisation technology. The scrubbers were installed and commissioned in early 2015. The scrubbers allow the ships to use cheaper sulphur-containing fuel, which reduces the fuel costs considerably.

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