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1st Jurassic Picnic in Slawno in Poland

Nordkalk (info a, 7 July 2015

The inaugural Jurassic Picnic in Slawno, taking place on 16-18th July 2015, is just a few days away.

The main organizer is the Slawno town council and the Association of Friends of the Earth Sciences PHACOPS. Jurassic Picnic supports Nordkalk's goal of being an active part of the local community, thus strengthening the company image in the region.

During the "Jurassic Picnic in Slawno", scientific lectures will be held for residents and invited guests, dedicated to geotourism as well as cooperation and relations between the local government, Nordkalk company and the scientific community. Numerous workshops for children and youths are also included in the picnic program, including an opportunity to visit Nordkalk Slawno quarry. The “Jurassic Picnic in Slawno" will be connected with the scientific conference "Youth in Paleontology VII" – a cyclical scientific conference for  young scientists.

We would like to kindly invite all residents of the Slawno Municipality and the surrounding area to participate in this interesting journey into the past.

At the same time, in Slawno the Polish Mountain Biking Championships 2015 will be held, therefore, it will be the biggest sports and cultural event in Poland.

Izabela Ironmonger, Marketing Coordinator

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