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Nordkalk and Sustainability in Rettig Group's Annual Report

Nordkalk (info a, 26 February 2015

On 26 February, Rettig Group published its Annual Report 2014, where the three business areas present their contributions to the "value for generations" mission. Nordkalk offers limestone-based products for minimising environmental impacts of industries and agriculture, and operates in a sustainable way as a company.

In the Annual Report, some sustainability key performance indicators are presented:


20142013Absence2.7%3.0%Accident frequency (LTA1)9.98.7ENVIRONMENT  Resource efficiency(Utilisation rate of quarried stone)90.9%87.9%Emissions to air:  CO2
Tonnes/tonnes of produced quicklime1.11.0 

In 2014, Nordkalk experienced more occupational accidents than the year before. The accident rate is based on number of LTA1 accidents ( = accidents that cause an absence of at least one day) per million working hours of own employees.  About 50 per cent of the accidents took place in Finland. Quite many incidents were related to carelessness against operative instructions of equipment, twisting of foot while stepping down from equipment, and there were accidents due to slippery conditions.

The increased number of accidents has led to new actions in order to turn the trend again towards the long-term goal, zero accidents. For example, communications about accidents has been increased, including discussions about them in the affected work team. Special safety programs are on-going, such as "See you safely" against eye injuries and "Tidy, Safe and Efficient", highlighting cleanliness and order.

Efficient use of resources
Nordkalk strives to 100% material efficiency, which is sound from both a financial and environmental point of view. The material-efficiency efforts include using all by-products, as well as improved processes.

In 2014, Nordkalk was able to raise the material efficiency rate from 87.9% to 90.9%, thanks to increased sales of lime kiln dust and especially of wall rock, which is used to build infrastructure. All of Nordkalk's stone material is CE marked, which supports sales, as does growing environmental awareness in society: is it not better to use already quarried stone than to start extracting stone in untouched areas?

Environmental impacts kept to minimum
Nordkalk has mines and production plants at 27 locations, where limestone is extracted and processed. The operations can cause dust, noise and vibration, which Nordkalk minimises e.g. by using best available technologies in investments and repairs. The surrounding environment and the employees' working environment are always taken into consideration in production planning.

Quicklime is produced by heating crushed and sorted limestone to a temperature of some 1,100 °C in either a rotary or shaft kiln. CO2 is released in this process. In 2014, the CO2 emissions increased a little, because the lime kiln in Luleå, Sweden, was transferred back to SSAB from the beginning of 2014. The shaft kiln in Luleå is running on coke oven gas, which leads to smaller amounts of emissions than in average in Nordkalk. The Luleå kiln represented about 10 per cent of Nordkalk's quicklime production.

Products for sustainable future
Nordkalk's mission, "more clean water, food, energy and products with less resources and emissions", tells about the multitude of uses of limestone. It is needed in the production of many daily necessities, either as a raw material or as a purifying agent in the production process. Through industrially made materials - such as paper, steel, plastics and glass - each of us uses daily products that have some connection with limestone. Through environmental applications, limestone-based products contribute to the basic prerequisites of life: clean air, pure water and fertile soil.

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Nordkalk and Sustainability, Report 2014, will be published mid-March on page Publications/Environmental Reports


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