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Legal Proceedings in Nordkalk's Bunge Case Continue

Nordkalk (info a, 9 September 2014

The Swedish Land and Environment Court of Appeal announced today that it has granted a leave to appeal in the case of Nordkalk's planned limestone quarry in Bunge Ducker on Northern Gotland. Nordkalk AB was granted a permit and conditions for the planned quarry on 2 June 2014, and Nordkalk has earlier received a legally valid court decision on permissibility of the operations. The opponents in the case appealed the June decision, after which the Land and Environment Court of Appeal now informed that it has granted a leave to appeal in the case.

- We can state that the court has found reason for continuous deliberation on the conditions and permit for the Bunge quarry. We find the existing ruling well considered and that the control program and precautionary measures regulated in the conditions will ensure that there will not be any damages to the environment, says Anders Mattsson, Managing Director of Nordkalk AB.

- However, we respect the legal process and will now prepare ourselves for the coming court proceedings, states Mattsson.

Limestone is a necessity in a modern society. Limestone is an environmental product that is very useful for the environment in many areas. Gotland has a long tradition of limestone excavation since the early 17th century, and it is the most important region in Sweden in terms of limestone deposits. For Gotland, lime industry is important for employment and tax revenues. It is possible to extract limestone while adhering to high standards of environmental protection and respecting the nature.  

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