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Cause of Silo Accident at NorFraKalk Still under Investigation

Nordkalk (info a, 8 September 2014

Cause of the silo accident at NorFraKalk in Verdal, Norway, remained under investigation on Monday. The upper part of the silo collapsed on Sunday morning 7 September. Now the situation is under control, the silo is stable and the evacuation has been called off. The lime kiln is shut down.

The damaged silo will be sealed off and covered in order to keep water away. The silo contains quicklime, calcium oxide, and contact with water would cause an exothermic reaction.

- In addition, we need to confirm the safety of the two other silos, in order to be able to continue production as soon as possible, states Jarkko Kaplin, division director at Nordkalk.

NorFraKalk is a joint venture owned in half by Nordkalk Corporation and Norwegian Franzefoss Minerals AS. It produces calcium oxide mostly for the needs of paper industry.

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