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New product from Nordkalk to reduce phosphorous runoff from fields

Nordkalk (info a, 9 September 2013

Nordkalk will introduce a new product solution to the Finnish market, with which the phosphorous runoff from fields to the watercourses can be cut down. FOSTOP structure lime is part of Nordkalk's FOSTOP® concept that has been developed to reduce the nutrient load to the watercourses. In Finland the structure lime will be sold under Nordkalk Aito® brand.
In Finland there is over 150 000 acres of arable land with a high phosphor content. With structure lime one can change the soil structure and increase water permeability. This way the amount of nutrients and solids ending in watercourses with leachate can be reduced.
Nordkalk has started practical testing of structural liming in Pöytyä, South-West Finland. Here it is possible to follow in real farm conditions how structural liming will affect the phosphor in phosphor rich clayey soil. Earlier tests from 2011 show promising results:
-Structural liming reduced the alluviation of the clay loam soil in rain and cut down the amount of solids and phosphor in the seep water, says Kimmo Rasa, senior researcher at MTT Agrifood Research Finland (Maa- ja elintarviketalouden tutkimuskeskus).
-In Sweden, structure lime has been at market already for a few years. Structural liming is an investment for the environment and the watercourses, which is why the Swedish government subsidizes it. In Finland a new environmental subsidy system is being prepared, and structure liming must be included, says Sales Manager Timo Kanerva at Nordkalk.
Nordkalk's FOSTOP concept consists of several products and applications. In addition to FOSTOP structure lime, the concept consists of lime filters and hygienization of sludge with lime stabilisation. One of the goals is also to intensify the recycling of phosphor as the availability of this nutrient, which is so vital for plants, is decreasing fast as the world's phosphor reserves diminish.
Work for the Baltic Sea
One of the Baltic Sea's biggest problems is eutrophication caused by phosphorus overloads. Nordkalk wants to contribute to the development of the Baltic Sea. Therefore, the company has made a 5-year-long commitment to Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) to develop its FOSTOP applications for minimizing the phosphorous emissions primarily from farming in the Baltic Sea area. Based on the results of the pilot projects in Sweden and Finland tailor made applications of the Fostop concept will be made for Poland and the Baltic Countries.

Further information:
Timo Kanerva, Sales Manager, Agriculture, Nordkalk Corporation, tel. +358 20 753 7395
Jarkko Kaplin, Division Director, PulpPaper & Finland, Nordkalk Corporation, tel. +358 20 753 7107
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