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Nordkalk to Increase Production in Louhi in Savonlinna, Finland

Nordkalk (info a, 30 April 2013

Nordkalk Corporation increases production considerably in the Louhi production plant in Savonlinna, Finland. The company is looking to recruit over 10 people skilled in process work to Louhi.

In Louhi Nordkalk has a limestone mine, a lime kiln, a slaking and a grinding plant. The slaking and grinding plants have been running continuously since the production cuts in the beginning of 2009 caused by the declining market situation. However, the production has been in stand-by all this time. Quarrying of limestone will restart in August 2013 and the kiln producing quicklime will start up.

- We have actively worked for finding ways to expand production in Louhi. Thanks to successful sales efforts, it is now possible. We also believe that demand for limestone-based products will increase especially in Eastern and Northern Finland, says Jarkko Kaplin, Division Director of Pulp&Paper & Finland Division at Nordkalk.

In addition to limestone-based ground products and quicklime the Louhi plant produces slaked lime, the demand of which is growing. It is used e.g. for water treatment, cleaning of flue gases at power plants and for the concentration processes in metal mines. Nordkalk manufactures slaked lime also in Tytyri in Lohja Finland.

A new application for slaked lime is desulphuration of vessels' exhaust gases when EU's Sulphur Directive will enter into force in 2015. According to the directive, permitted sulphur content of marine fuels used in vessels on the Baltic Sea, North Sea and the English Channel is maximum 0.1%. One solution for achieving this is to install dry scrubbers on ships. Granules of slaked lime will absorb the sulphur from the exhaust gases. This kind of cleantech applications will be a focal part of Nordkalk's product supply in the future, says Kaplin.

The number of Nordkalk's own personnel in Louhi increases to about 30. The increasing production employs also contractors such as transport companies and quarrying and maintenance experts.

Louhi is a part of the Lappeenranta-Louhi unit, led by Jouni Heinonen. Lappeenranta-Louhi is one of five units of Nordkalk's PulpPaper & Finland Division.

Further information:
Jarkko Kaplin, Division Director, PulpPaper & Finland, Nordkalk Oy Ab, Tel. +358 20 753 7107

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