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Swedish Supreme Court Approved Suspension in Bunge

Nordkalk (info a, 18 October 2012

The Supreme Court announced on 17 October that it will grant suspension while waiting for the re-examination of the case of Nordkalk's limestone deposit in Bunge Ducker on Northern Gotland to be completed. This means that the construction work is in a standstill until further notice. The work would have included preparations needed before the quarrying itself can start, e.g. construction of a conveyor belt connecting the deposit to Nordkalk's plant in Storugns.
It is the ruling of the Land and Environment court of appeal on the conditions and execution from July 2012 that has been appealed. The Supreme Court rejected the request for suspension in the beginning of August, but has thus now changed its decision. The permission for the operations was granted already in 2009 and this ruling has gained legal force.
The Supreme Court announced its decision to grant a partial leave to appeal on 17 September 2012 on the following issue: "What significance does the final permission ruling by the Environment Court of Appeal have for the current re-examination of the case?" The issue of leave to appeal will be stayed for the remainder of the case.
- It is unfortunate that The Supreme Court should decide to approve suspension after only a couple of months since it rejected it. However, there will not be any re-examination of the permission itself, says Anders Mattsson, VD Nordkalk AB.
- We hope now for a speedy re-examination. In the meanwhile, we are to stop the construction work and make new plans to continue on a later date. We will now sit down and study the consequences this has on our operations. The timetable has of course already been delayed considerably, continues Mattsson.


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