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Nordkalk Merges Business Activities in Finland into New Division

Nordkalk (info a, 1 June 2012

Nordkalk Corporation, the leading producer of limestone-based products, is reorganizing its organization in Finland. Production units and sales in Finland as well as sales to the pulp and paper industry will be concentrated into a new division PulpPaper & Finland.

The new division will be led by Vice President Jarkko Kaplin, who moved to Nordkalk from Metsä Group. The personnel of the merging divisions Pulp&Paper and Finland will continue in the new division.
- I am glad to be able to welcome Jarkko Kaplin to Nordkalk. He brings along more knowledge and a long experience of the forest industry, which is one of Nordkalk's big customer segments, says President & CEO Bertel Karlstedt.
Karlstedt says that the change in the organization will strive for efficiency, and it is a way for the company to prepare for the several retirements taking place in the coming years.
The internal change in Nordkalk's organization will barely show to the customers and other interest groups. Same people are responsible for the sales as before.
- In future the merger will show as improved service for we will focus on understanding the customers' needs better and on the reliability of service and products. The principle of continuous improvement will be realized e.g. by developing cooperation, sharing knowledge and taking care of the development of the personnel, says Jarkko Kaplin.
PulpPaper & Finland division's customer groups are Pulp and Paper, Construction, Chemical Industry as well as Agriculture and Environment. The division consists of production units at nine locations, including the quarries in Pargas and Lappeenranta and the mine in Tytyri in Lohja. The number of the personnel is about 420. Metals & Mining division is responsible for Nordkalk's sales to Steel and Mining industry in Finland.
Further Information:
Bertel Karlstedt, President and CEO Nordkalk Corporation, +358 20 753 7007
Jarkko Kaplin, Vice President, PulPaper & Finland, Tel. +38 20 753 7107
Nordkalk is the leading producer of high quality limestone-based products in Northern Europe. The products are used mainly in the paper, steel and building materials industries as well as in environmental care and agriculture. The product brand is Nordkalk. The company's turnover for 2011 totalled  EUR 369.2 million. Nordkalk employs some 1200 people and has operations at more than 30 locations e.g. in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Estonia and Russia. Nordkalk is a member of the Rettig Group.

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