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A step towards zero CO2 emissions: solar panels in Poland

Dominik Budny (info a, 24 June 2022

The transformation of the Polish energy sector and industry from high-emission to zero-emission sources is becoming a fact. Nordkalk is joining the group of companies focused on renewable energy sources through new investments in Poland.

The resulting photovoltaic installations at Miedzianka and Wolica plants are two identical sets for the production of electricity. Polish electricity production in mainly done by using fossil fuels. The installation contractor is a local company specialising in this type of investment.

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“This year, Nordkalk Poland is carrying out investments of installation of photovoltaic panels to help reduce the cost of electricity in the Miedzianka and Wolica plants. It is the simplest solution in the market that uses renewable energy sources. The photovoltaic installations were built in two Nordkalk Poland plants. This is the first step towards the installing of energy sources of this type. The aim is  to have high-power photovoltaic farms of approx. 1-2MW, built in industrial areas that are not used for mining purposes”, adds Piotr Maciak.

“The construction is in its final stage. The assembly works at Miedzianka have already been completed, and the last stage of the investment is underway at Wolica. After completing the assembly and carrying out the necessary electrical tests and completing the acceptance documentation, we will start using the panels”, comments project manager Jarosław Rzepa.

As a reminder, Nordkalk, as a leading supplier of limestone products, has committed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions in its current operations. Ambitious and specific goals have been defined in a long-term strategy called eLIMEnate. Nordkalk has committed to reach net zero by 2040.

In addition to carbon capture, the main measures to achieve net zero will be related to the use of e.g. biofuels and renewable energy.

We keep our fingers crossed for the success of the photovoltaic project and we are very happy about the important step towards zero emissions of our quarries in Poland!

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View of the solars from the Miedzianka office.

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