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Smaller carbon footprint for Nordkalk’s Terra products for soil stabilisation

Hanne Mäkelä, 3 May 2022

At the turn of the year, Nordkalk launched Nordkalk Terra GREEN, a new low-carbon soil stabilisation product that is based mostly on recycled raw material. The carbon footprint of other Nordkalk Terra products will now also be smaller when the cement used in the mixture changes to new low-carbon Kolmos cement as of May 2022.

Kolmos cement, a blast furnace slag developed by Finnsementti, is a circular economy product with a high strength class of 52.5 and a carbon footprint roughly a quarter smaller than the commonly used Oiva cement.

“With this new product, we can offer our customers lower carbon options for all of their soil stabilisation needs. In the most environmentally friendly, circular economy-based soil stabilisation mixtures, we can save more than 650 kg CO2e/tonne, which is good news in terms of both our customers’ environmental goals and expense budgets,” explains Kari Kuusipuro, sales manager in charge of Nordkalk’s construction segment.

“This year, the price of emission rights has increased considerably compared to last year, and the war in Ukraine has also caused a sharp rise in the price of energy. For those reasons, the price of traditional lime cement mixtures in particular has risen significantly,” says Kuusipuro.

At the same time, awareness of the emissions caused by traditionally used binders, such as quicklime and cement, has created growing interest in circular economy solutions. In Nordkalk’s products, lime-based side streams, for instance blast furnace slag generated in the steel industry or lime kiln dust (LKD), have been used for a long time, but recently demand for such products has risen to a whole new level.

“It is great that we are now able to offer our customers soil stabilisation mixtures that have really good strength properties and which are almost entirely based on circular economy products and side streams. In this equation, everyone wins,” states Kuusipuro.

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PRESS RELEASE Smaller carbon footprint for Nordkalk Terra products for soil stabilisation
85 kt, updated on 3 May 2022

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