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Lime produced with fossil free energy is contributing to a brighter tomorrow

Tiina Roine (info a, 16 November 2021

Contributing to a brighter tomorrow, that feels more important today than ever before. Is it just words or what can we at Nordkalk do?

We are taking a lot of initiatives and have a roadmap called “eLIMEnate” defining our steps towards fossil-free operations by 2045. But since 2045 sounds so far away, it feels nice to know that already today we are initiating things that will have a major impact on reducing CO2-emissions.

Within the project FFS – Towards Fossil Free Steel, funded by Business Finland, we at Nordkalk are working on solutions that able deliveries of lime produced with fossil free energy for the steel production. In my opinion, this means that we are participating in a new kind of industrial evolution, an evolution for a brighter tomorrow with minimised CO2-emissions.

Within the FFS project, Nordkalk is leading the work package 6, with the aim to produce lime with fossil free energy. The project ends in mid-2023 and by then, we will have a good knowledge about what can be done with the lime kilns in Raahe, Finland in order to start using fossil-free energy in the kilns. We should also have a good understanding about new technologies, making us prepared to contribute towards Finland’s goal to be carbon neutral by 2035.

The steel industry is transforming towards fossil-free operations and that leads to a demand of lime produced with reduced CO2-emissions. The lime is used as a fluxing agent in the steel melt with the purpose of removing impurities, particularly Sulphur, Phosphorus and Silica. The lime attracts the impurities, and a slag is created. The quality of the steel improves when the slag is removed.

It is with great enthusiasm we at Nordkalk will take part and influence this development. Both by looking at the energy source for our lime kilns and also in a longer perspective by seizing the opportunities of Carbon Capture Utilization, CCU and Carbon Capture Storage, CCS.
It is crucial to be able to deliver lime that has as low impact as possible on the environment, and most likely the demand will start sooner rather than later. This is a game-change and we do it for the generations to come.

Pernilla Wangenborn

The FFS project business consortium consists of SSAB, Ovako, Fortum, Valmet, Nordkalk, Tapojärvi and Luxmet. The University of Oulu, VTT Technical Research Institute of Finland and Åbo Akademi University are involved in the research part of the project. Other companies supporting the project are ABB, Andritz and Finnsementti. The project is part of the Association of Finnish Steel and Metal Producers’ strategic agenda, which is based on Finland’s goal to be carbon neutral by 2035. The project is funded by Business Finland.

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