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Nordkalk will supply Cementa with limestone on Gotland

Tiina Roine (info a, 3 September 2021

Nordkalk and Swedish cement producer Cementa have signed an agreement, according to which Nordkalk will supply Cementa's cement plant in Slite with limestone from its quarry in Klinthagen on the island of Gotland.

On 6 July, Cementa announced that the Supreme Land and Environmental Court in Sweden rejected their application for an extension of the permit to mine limestone in their existing quarries in Slite on Gotland for another 20 years. The current permit expires on October 31 this year, which can entail significant problems in meeting Sweden's future cement supply. Therefore Cementa is working intensively with a number of different ways to find solutions for the limestone supply in both the short and long term.

To mitigate the consequences of the expected cement shortage, Cementa has signed an agreement with Nordkalk, according to which Nordkalk will supply Cementa with limestone. This way Cementa can secure continued production and deliveries on short term at least while the process for permit renewal of their own limestone quarrying continues.

"Nordkalk is happy to be able to support Cementa in this situation and to be a part of the solution. We will continue serving our existing customers as usual while supplying Cementa with limestone to meet their needs”, says Paul Gustavsson, CEO of Nordkalk Corporation.

“It is very positive that Nordkalk has in short notice managed to find ways to support us with the raw material supply in the situation that has arisen, and we welcome the collaboration that is now taking place between two important local industrial players on Gotland”, says CEO Magnus Ohlsson from Cementa AB.

Nordkalk will together with Cementa continue defining the specific logistical solutions as well as volumes of limestone needed to meet Cementa’s demand.

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