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Nordkalk is developing fossil-free lime as part of SSAB’s extensive research project in Finland

Hanne Mäkelä (hanne.makela a, 16 July 2021

Nordkalk is taking part to SSAB’s  extensive research project, FFS – Towards Fossil-free Steel, in Finland. In the project, SSAB will work together with industrial and research partners to explore different solutions and alternatives to produce fossil-free steel.

SSAB aims to be completely fossil free and to remove the company’s fossil carbon dioxide emissions by 2045. The Towards Fossil-free Steel research project now launched supports SSAB’s strategic goal of gradually transitioning towards fossil-free steelmaking by mapping the solutions and alternatives to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy in steelmaking.

The goal of the project is to determine solutions to produce green forms of energy, i.e. hydrogen, biochar and biogas - for the steel industry. In addition, the project will study the smelting of - hydrogen reduced sponge iron in an electric arc furnace, the manufacture of fossil-free lime and new solutions to utilize the by-products created in the steelmaking processes.

As part of the project, Nordkalk will be responsible for a sub-project aiming for manufacturing of fossil-free lime.  Lime has an elementary role in steel production, since the production of each tonne of steel requires more than 50 kg of quicklime.

”The aim of our sub-project is to understand the requirements of the new steelmaking process to lime specifications and to study the short-term opportunities to reduce CO2-emissions in Raahe lime kilns. We will also investigate the potential of new techniques, such as carbon capture and storage (CCU/CCS),  in a longer term”, says project manager Pernilla Wangenborn from Nordkalk. 

The project is is well aligned with Nordkalk’s eLIMEnate road map, which defines the company’s steps towards fossil-free operations by 2045. 

Business Finland is contributing EUR 400 000 to the project.  

The FFS project business consortium consists of SSAB, Ovako, Fortum, Valmet, Nordkalk, Tapojärvi and Luxmet. The University of Oulu, VTT Technical Research Institute of Finland and Åbo Akademi University are involved in the research part of the project. Other companies supporting the project are ABB, Andritz and Finnsementti. The project is part of the Association of Finnish Steel and Metal Producers’ strategic agenda, which is based on Finland’s goal to be carbon neutral by 2035.

For more information, please contact:
Pernilla Wangenborn, +46 (0)723 48 00 83.

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