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Nordkalk one of the main sponsors of sports event in Poland

Dominik Budny (info a, 23 June 2021

​This year has provided lots of football emotions - and not only due to EURO 2020!

On the days between 14 to 20 June 2021, on the square in front of the Provincial House of Culture in Kielce, a football tournament was held for children, youths and adults, with Nordkalk as one of the main sponsors.


This is the third edition of the "Friday on square Sport CK 2021" event in which we were able to take part. The organisers of the Sport CK Association took care of the football emotions. The tournament participants displayed great skills on the pitch. There were cups, medals and attractive prizes waiting for the winners.


Nine football tournaments for children and teenagers were played, as well as a VIP tournament and adult games (women and men). The event was very popular. 80 teams signed up for the competition, altogether about 800 players. The event was especially valuable for both children and adults in the era of a pandemic with the significantly limited possibilities to do sports. 

Congratulations to all teams once again - we wish you all many sporting successes!

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