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Nordkalk Poland helps to repair roads in Gałęzice and Zajączków near Miedzianka Plant

Dominik Budny (info a, 14 April 2021

The renovation of the roads in Gałęzice and Zajączków is completed. Repairing the surfaces by adding aggregates and hardening was realized by Nordkalk poland. The project is a part of the Social Dialogue Sessions.

Nordkalk Poland completed the renovation of the road surface in Gałęzice and Zajączków. The initiatives were proposed by the mayor of Gałęzice, Anna Nartowska, and the councilor of the Piekoszów commune from Zajączków , Julian Walas. Renovation is a part of the Social Dialogue Sessions.

The work lasted for X weeks. The building crew used high-quality aggregates from Ostrówka deposit to renovate the road with. Our machines and equipment were used to repair the surface. Our people participated by coordinating and executing the work.

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One of the roads in Zajączków (effect before and effect after​).

The Nordkalk Social Dialogue Sessions is a project of Nordkalk Poland. Representatives of local communities from villages adjacent to Zakład Miedzianka from Bławatów, Charężów, Gałęzice, Skałka, Rykoszyn, Podpolichno Zajączków and Miedzianka  were invited to participate in it. The representatives were asked to send project proposals that Nordkalk could be involved in. Projects are implemented by the Dialogue Council. The council is made up of three resident representatives elected at the session and three Nordkalk employees.

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