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Our journey towards brighter tomorrow starts!

Tiina Roine (info a, 1 March 2021

To elevate the vital role or our products in the society, we have rejuvenated Nordkalk’s brand. With this change, we want to communicate our desire to work for a more sustainable, a brighter, tomorrow together with our stakeholders.

Our success is built on a solid limestone foundation, more than 120 years of history and on the expertise of our people. The new brand identity compliments our role as a leading limestone solution provider strongly present in the world today and tomorrow. It also demonstrates the commitment of our rock solid professionals to delivering the best service to our customers.

The emerald-hued Brand Green emphasises the responsible use of natural resources. It hails for circular economy and the growing use of side products. It gives colour to Nordkalk’s aim and effort to drive sustainable growth by developing limewise solutions improving agricultural productivity and industrial processes.

The elegant and familiar text logo is used as white as the brightest limestone, used for neutralising, purifying and binding impurities in our customers’ processes and contributing to clean water, air and nurtured soil.

Follow our journey towards brighter tomorrow on social media with hashtags #lifestone #limewisesolutions #rocksolidprofessionals #brightertomorrow.

Our website will be renewed later in 2021.

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Leader in Northern Europe

Nordkalk is the leading limestone company in Northern Europe. We deliver essential raw materials to numerous industries, and our solutions contribute to clean air and water as well as productivity of agricultural land.