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Nordkalk in Poland develops cooperation with "Skała", an association supporting local initiatives

Dominik Budny (info a, 11 March 2021

Associations "Skała" is a non-governmental organization that activates the local community in świętokrzyskie region, Poland. Nordkalk has provided SWIL "Skała" with computers. As the next step, we will organise an education campaign about paleontology, a field in which Nordkalk is very active.

"Skała" carries out educational projects aimed at both young people and adults. The association organises courses in foreign languages, first aid courses and - dedicated to adults - classes at “University of the Third Age”. The association cooperates with teachers, educators, scientists and people of culture, and it actively supports education in fields like culture, science, history of the region and ecology.

- "It is a great satisfaction to us that we can get involved in supporting such initiatives. As a company that cooperates with local communities, we know how important it is to work for the benefit of the region. We will continue our cooperation with Association “Skała”, says Piotr Maciak, CEO Nordkalk Polska.


Skała's Association community hall. 

Nordkalk donated new computers to the ngo's common room. Nordkalk and “Skała” Associations are planning together an educational project aimed at popularising paleontology for the second quarter of 2021. Webinars dedicated to youth and children about dinosaurs and life on Earth from over millions years ago, will be also a chance to showcase Nordkalk's operations and key facts about limestone.

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