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Decision on Klinthagen permit

Tiina Roine (info a, 2 March 2021

On Friday 26 February, the Swedish Land and Environment Court of Appeal announced its decision on the permit for Nordkalk’s continued and expanded operations in the current limestone quarry in Klinthagen, Gotland. According to the decision, excavation can be expanded in the coming years but taking into account the protection of certain natural habitats in the area. 
“Nordkalk continues to serve its customers with Limestone quarried in Klinthagen for years to come. We will now thoroughly analyse the content of the decision and also review whether any aspects of the court ruling give Nordkalk reason to appeal.” says Nordkalk CEO Paul Gustavsson
The decision includes also a water ruling, which allows Nordkalk to deliver a maximum of 300 000 cubic metres of mine water into the local water distribution system annually. 
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