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SafeNordkalk, a campaign to further engage and activate our people in safety

Tiina Roine (info a, 19 February 2021

The SafeNordkalk campaign as the next step towards zero accidents, was aimed to set a new and common standard for all Nordkalk sites. It was created to assist our local teams in improving safety performance using existing tools, trainings and measures, and to engage all Nordkalk employees in safety activities and discussions.

All our people were invited to give their input and create concrete ideas on how we can improve safety at Nordkalk. The campaign was one of Nordkalk's main projects and improvement programmes for the latter part of 2020.  

Several hundreds of ideas on how to improve safety.
Safe sausage festival 2

The Safe Sausage Festival is one the TOP-3 ideas.

The campaign resulted in several hundreds of ideas on how to improve safety further at Nordkalk. One of the winning ideas was “Safety Sausage Festival” for production, including our own people and our contractors, to create an event with casual and relaxed atmosphere for people to talk about all things safety and how they would improve safety in their own work places. This was actually the very thought behind the whole campaign, to engage people in conversations about how to make their work safer, and to activate all of us in safety thinking and behaviour; to get “all hands on deck”, as Nordkalk's CEO Paul Gustavsson put it.

How it was done and what now

SafeNordkalk programme started off with a self-audit on safety for our six largest sites, which turned into a tool for local workshops and site reviews. The audit results and the site workshops generated to-do lists for the local organisations to work with further.

After rewarding the best ideas chosen by an audience of about a 100 of our people in the end of 2020, the road forward is paved with sharing the ideas with the entire Nordkalk corporation during the whole of 2021 and expanding the programme to cover all Nordkalk locations, utilizing the learnings and best practices shared within the entire company. The campaign is now integrated as a way of working and our agreed plan is to keep it alive, making sure that all the best ideas will be implemented and keeping the engagement among all employees towards zero accidents.

Tiina Roine

Leader in Northern Europe

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