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Nordkalk among presenters at a series of road constructure webinars in Poland

Dominik Budny (info a, 22 February 2021

Małgorzata Jaroszewicz, Quality Assurance and Management Systems Manager, Nordkalk participated last week in a series of webinars for road and bridge designers, contractors and local government units responsible for roads as a representative of the Polish Limestone Industry Association (SPW).

This year, due to the  COVID-19 pandemic, Małgorzata gave an online presentation titled "Only granite and basalt? Find out how to use the potential of limestone aggregates in concrete structures”. Once again, Małgorzata, on behalf of SPW and Nordkalk, argued that limestone aggregates are ideal building material widely used in the construction industry.

prezentacja Małgorzaty

Screenshot from presentation.

"Not all limestone is the sameand the role of aggregates in concrete cannot be overestimated. Obtaining the properties of structural concrete is possible thanks to the appropriate properties of the aggregates used in it,” Małgorzata explained. Aggregate determines the strength characteristics of concrete, significantly shapes the durability of products in terms of frost resistanceand abrasion, and it also guarantees chemical durability. The aesthetic features that play an increasingly important role are also worth emphasizing.
The second part of the presentation was devoted to the technical specifications and requirements for aggregates in structural and surface concretes. The presentation was based on the results of research done by the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, breaking stereotypes about the use of limestone aggregates in infrastructure construction. "It is very important that we shape the awareness of the construction and road industry and explain to designers and constructors that limestone is an excellent building material", Małgorzata Jaroszewicz sums up.

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