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Nordkalk has revised its Sustainability Programme according to stakeholder expectations

Hanne Mäkelä (hanne.makela a, 17 December 2020

In the revised programme, emphasis has been put on the environmental handprint, i.e. growing positive environmental impacts of our limestone-based solutions, reducing the climate impact of our operations and on active dialogue with local communities.

The changes are based on the findings of the stakeholder survey which was conducted in autumn 2020. In total 102 responses were received from Nordkalk’s key stakeholders representing customers,  decision makers, influencers, own employees and the owner; from our key markets Finland, Sweden, Poland and Estonia. 93% of the respondents find it extremely or very important that Nordkalk operates in a sustainable manner.

”We received valuable feedback from our stakeholders to support our sustainability development in the coming years. The importance of the main focus areas was verified to a large extent and we will continue our long-term work on developing these areas further”, summaries Sustainability Director  Håkan Pihl.

Fossil-free operations by 2045

As a new focus area in the programme, we introduce a so called environmental handprint, which refers to the positive environmental impacts of our limestone-based solutions. These impacts are born when our customers use Nordkalk products to reduce their own environmental impacts for example when purifying waste waters or flue gases or binding impurities in their processes.

Besides growing our positive impacts, we have to continue reducing the harmful environmental impacts. Amongst our stakeholders, special focus was given to reducing emissions and the climate impact of our operations. We have now set long-term targets for our climate change mitigating activities and started to work on the roadmap towards fossil-free operations. We aim for carbon-neutrality by 2045. In our limestone operations and internal transports, the target year is 2035.

On top of the climate impacts, our stakeholders expect us to continue active monitoring of our local environmental impacts, such as dust, noise and vibrations; and to have dialogue with the local communities.

We aim for 100% material efficiency and circular economy

We continue our systematic work to enhance our material efficiency and to utilise all the extracted material as well as to grow our efforts in circular solutions.

”Our strong limestone expertise offers excellent starting point for expanding the utilisation of calcium-based sidestreams. Our goal is to grow the utilisation rate of our own and our customers’ sidestreams in versatile end solutions”, says Håkan Pihl.  

Safety is in the core of social responsibility

Within the social responsibility area, the most important topics for our stakeholders are compliance to laws and regulations and constant attention to occupational safety. At Nordkalk, occupational safety is a vital part of the management of the company and the key safety metrics are integrated into the renumeration systems on all levels of the organisation. We aim for continuous improvement and our ultimate goal is zero accidents.

In the economic responsibility area, our stakeholders emphasise the importance of sustainable management and continuous development of our limestone reserves.

Further information:
Sustainability Director Håkan Pihl, +358 40 762 6092
Chief Communications and People Officer Hanne Mäkelä, +358 50 385 8670.

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