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Regular liming maintains fishing grounds of Nokia

Tiina Roine (info a, 30 June 2020

In 1998, Nordkalk’s predecessor Partek undertook to ensure the water quality of Alinenjärvi Lake Chain in Nokia, Finland, for a hundred years as part of its 100 years anniversary celebrations. Liming has been performed regularly and the acidity situation of the lakes has been monitored annually. Now, once again, the time for liming has come.

Ylinenkapeikko 550

“Previous water analyses indicated that new lime treatment is needed,” said Annica Lindfors, Nordkalk’s Key Account Manager, Agriculture, Energy & Water, “and new water samples were taken during spring. On the basis of information provided by the analyses, we can now plan practical measures.”

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In the coming autumn, probably during September and October, at least Alinenjärvi and Ruokejärvi will be limed and if possible, Ylinenjärvi as well. All limings are intended to be performed using the boat equipment of Movab, a Swedish subsidiary of Nordkalk, as before. In addition to Nordkalk, Nokia Municipality, ELY Centre Pirkanmaa and KVVY Tutkimus Oy are involved in the project.

Lime restores water quality

Lime can restore the water quality of a water body to the level it was before acidification. During acidification of a water body, due to, inter alia, the influence of drainage waters, the pH of the water decreases, the concentrations of harmful metals increase, several plant and animal species disappear and valuable fish stocks suffer. Water conditioning through liming increases the pH and buffer capability of acidic water to such a level that the normal biological community is preserved or recovered.

“Our goal,” said Sakari Kivinen, fish stock researcher at KVVY Tutkimus Oy, “is to maintain the healthy fish stock of the lake chain and allow its multifunctional recreational use in the future as well.”

Currently, the project parties are specifying the liming plan and selecting the most appropriate lime products for its implementation.

“Our idea,” said Annica Lindfors from Nordkalk, “is to use fine Finnish limestone powder, which is very appropriate for treatment of acidic inland lakes. It is a pure natural product which dissolves rapidly, and there is no real overdose risk.”

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the liming has been postponed until autumn 2021.

 Hanne Mäkelä

Pictures: Eetu Savilahti, KVVY Tutkimus Oy

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