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Nordkalk strengthens its Circular Economy business

Tiina Roine (info a, 16 June 2020

The circular economy, based on the effective use of resources, is one of the key focus areas of Nordkalk’s new strategy that was published at the beginning of 2020. As part of the strategy implementation, Nordkalk has nominated Annica Lindfors (M.Sc. Chemical Engineering) to lead circular economy business and to commercialise the innovative circular economy solutions.

According to the logic of the circular economy, Nordkalk aims for 100% material efficiency and maximum utilisation of side streams as well as finding new solutions for lime-based side streams generated in the customers’ processes. 

 “Nordkalk has been working on circular products for a long time. Our aim is now to accelerate this and find new, high value-added circular solutions for lime-based by-products”, says Nordkalk’s CEO Paul Gustavsson.

“Our customers are very interested in circular solutions because it is a good business for them. By utilising the secondary raw materials we can together reduce the use of natural resources and support the realisation of environmental and climate goals. And it is also profitable business for everyone in the value chain.”

Annica Lindfors to lead circular economy business

Annica 550

Annica Lindfors, who has previously worked as the Key Account Manager, Agri and Energy & Water, in the Nordkalk’s Northern Europe region sales organisation will start in the new role as soon as her successor has been nominated.

Annica has worked at Nordkalk since 2012 and has held several positions in R&D and sales organisations. Previously she has worked for example with R&D as well as sales and marketing-related tasks in a pilot plant for paper coating and printing.

Nordkalk’s strong knowledge and know-how as well as long tradition of R&D work comes useful when developing circular economy business. The company has been developing solutions in accordance with circular economy already for a long time; lime kiln dust (LKD) and side streams from the pulp and paper and metal and mining industries are mostly used in agriculture, industrial water treatment and soil stabilisation.

In addition to its own R&D work, Nordkalk participates in various research projects that try to find ways to replace concrete in new materials or to develop the reclaiming and utilisation of nutrients such as phosphorus.

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