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Nordkalk donates land to Sławno community to further support the unique Geopark

Izabela Ironmonger (info a, 10 June 2020

To further support the good cooperation with the local community and operations of the unique Geopark in the area, Nordkalk has donated land to the Sławno community in central Poland. The donated land is located next to Nordkalk’s limestone quarry and is being used for the needs of Geopark, a center dedicated to geotourism and education, and built in one of the most important paleontological sites in Poland.

The limestone deposits provide not only the necessary raw material for many industries and agriculture. For geologists and paleontologists, discovered layers of stone are a valuable source of information about the past, when the areas where Poland is presently located were a warm, shallow sea.

When, as a result of the extraction of successive layers of limestone, the deposit located in the Sławno municipality began to reveal more and more interesting animal specimens from almost 150 million years ago (including a well-preserved pterosaur and ichthyosaur skeleton), it was decided to build a Geopark, which would become a tourism showcase of the region. It was officially opened in 2019.

The launch of the Geopark in Sławno was the result of a very good cooperation between Nordkalk and the municipality. Wherever we operate, we feel like part of the local community and want to support it”, says Piotr Maciak, EVP Nordkalk Central Europe and CEO of Nordkalk Polska Sp. z o. o.

We are very pleased with the success of Geopark, which only a year after its opening is said to be a unique tourist attraction in Poland. By handing over the land, we are closing our involvement in the creation of this place. I believe that the Geopark will make a great contribution to the development of the region”.


In the photo: Geopark in Sławno, Poland

One of the first Nordkalk plants in Poland

Nordkalk has been the owner of the plant and quarry in Sławno since 1999. The limestone extracted there, dating back to the Jurassic period, is characterized by a high reactivity and a significantly lower than permissible lead and cadmium content. The launch of the new mill in 2006 has allowed the production capacity of the plant to double. A year later, the crushing line was extended, which resulted in a 35% increase in productivity. In turn, in 2016, a complete Nordkalk AtriGran lime granulate production line, along with a dust removal system and packaging line, was launched. Thanks to the use of innovative technological solutions, the plant has become one of the most modern granulate producers in Europe.

Leader in Northern Europe

Nordkalk is the leading limestone company in Northern Europe. We deliver essential raw materials to numerous industries, and our solutions contribute to clean air and water as well as productivity of agricultural land.