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Nordkalk as a front-runner company to know-how cluster advancing circular economy in construction in Turku region.

Tiina Roine (info a, 29 April 2020

Nordkalk has decided to step up as a front-runner company for the Circular Materials and Solutions for Construction Cluster (3C), which will promote the circular economy in construction in the Turku region. The cluster, coordinated by Turku Science Park, brings together companies, universities, educational institutions and public and municipal players in the region to accelerate the transition of the construction sector towards circular economy.

The Turku region, in particular Pargas, has a strong construction industry concentration which has been built around the Nordkalk limestone quarry in the last hundred years or so. Limestone is a key raw material for the construction industry and is used in cement and other building materials, soil stabilisation and road construction.

“Nordkalk’s new strategy places even stronger emphasis on circular economy solutions,” says Mathias Snåre, Director of Research and Development at Nordkalk. “Our goal is to be a leading player in our industry, focusing on sustainable limestone-based solutions. For us, sustainability means, among other things, that we will increase our investment in circular products and try to make use of all the materials we extract.”

“We want to make effective use of side streams generated in both our own operations and our customers’ processes and find the highest possible refinement solutions to replace virgin raw materials with secondary raw materials,” Snåre continues.

Cluster Ida

Through the cluster now being set up, Nordkalk hopes to accelerate the introduction and commercialisation of new circular economy based products.

“Our customers in the construction industry are very aware of the environmental and climate impacts of various materials,” says Mathias Snåre. “The carbon footprint of circular economy products is often smaller than that of virgin products, especially concerning quick and hydrated lime. It is also important that we take care of our precious limestone resources by recycling materials and making the most of them.”

Nordkalk’s vast knowledge of limestone-based materials and long and close cooperation with the construction industry provide the company with an excellent starting point from which to promote a cluster alongside Turku Science Park.

The 3C Cluster is part of Turku Science Park's Clean Turku spearhead, which aims to promote the growth of the circular and bio-economy businesses of companies in the region. This means, for example, creating new partnerships, harnessing the expertise of universities in companies and launching pilot opportunities for companies in the urban environment. 

“Universities in our region have natural sciences and technology expertise,” says Reeta Huhtinen,  Senior Advisor, Turku Science Park, “which is central to the development of new recycling solutions. Universities can also support businesses in this endeavour. Nordkalk’s involvement as a front-runner company provides a good basis for this cooperation.” 

Additional information:
Mathias Snåre, Director of Research and Development, Nordkalk, tel. +358 20 753 7344, mathias.snare a

Reeta Huhtinen, CleanTurku Senior Advisor, Turku Science Park, tel. +358 40 0832488, reeta.huhtinen a

Olof Malmström, CleanTurku Network Manager, Turku Science Park, tel. +358 50 5566517,olof.malmström a

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